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Sydney Demolition Services and Excavation Needs

For prompt, efficient, and professional service, Sydney City Civil Australia is here to serve you. Since 1993, our family-owned company has been an integral part of the construction community in New South Wales as a Sydney demolition contractor. We have worked alongside some of the largest names in the field, using our extensive fleet of equipment and unparalleled expertise in civil engineering and technology. We focus on safety practices, with proven time-saving and innovative measures to ensure the job gets done right the first time.

We specialize in:
• Demolition & Excavation
• Civil Works
• Gabion Retaining Walls
• Vibration Free Excavation
• Rock Sawing
• Under Pinning

Because of our commitment to excellence, SCCA has been part of a variety of small to large projects, all accident-free. We have a rock-solid reputation as a full-service provider, offering our customers quality solutions to match their needs. To us, clients, the local people, and the environment always come first.

Sydney House Demolition

At Sydney City Civil Australia, we employ specialists trained in the procedural stages of demolishing a house, in accordance with NSW regulations, to be part of our team. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote to demolish your house or call 02 9567 8858 or 04 11 080 866.

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